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March Madmen: Session 9 vs. Oculus (Part 2)

It’s the contentious finale of a brutal matchup — two modern classics go head to head, and only one can survive. Brad Anderson! Mike Flanagan! Mirror eyes! Eerie recordings! I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

March Madmen: Session 9 vs. Oculus (Part 1)

It’s a heavyweight fight tonight! Sacred grotesque cows are threatened and we get REAL feisty about Brad Anderson's Session 9! Can (Peter) Mullan and the mullet prevail, or will that macabre mirror triumph again?

March Madmen: Lake Mungo vs. Below (Part 2)

It’s time for a deep dive into David Twohy’s Below! Only one movie makes it to the next round — will it be what is probably the scariest sub movie ever made, or Australia’s hidden gem? 

March Madmen: Lake Mungo vs. Below (Part 1)

Two watery spirits collide in their effort to influence the living: in this case, to convince John, Vik and Rich to vote for their movie! First up is our examination of the No. 2 seed in the tourney, Lake Mungo, the haunting tale of a teen stricken by a terrifying glimpse of her future...

March Madmen: The Shining vs. The Devil’s Backbone (Part 2)

How’d you like some ice cream, Doc? We burrow deep into the bowels of the Overlook Hotel (ew) to study The Shining! Will it beat The Devil’s Backbone? Que es un fantasma? All shall be revealed! 

March Madmen: The Shining vs. The Devil’s Backbone (Part 1)

Tonight we’ve got a battle of grubby ghost moppets and bathtub-dwelling hags! Can Guillermo Del Toro’s 2001 chiller knock off a Stanley Kubrick classic? Stranger things have happened…

March Madmen: Under the Shadow vs. Oculus (Part 2)

To conclude our culture clash of ‘80s Iran and early 21st century America, let’s put Under the Shadow under the microscope. Which haunted house flick shall prevail? Guess you gotta listen...

March Madmen: Under the Shadow vs. Oculus (Part 1)

In the final matchup of our tournament's Sinister Sixteen, a malevolent mirror matches up with a djinn in two very different tales of families haunted by supernatural forces. Part 1 examines Mike Flanagan’s 2013 film, Oculus. Set your timers now...

March Madmen: Terrified vs. Ouija: Origin of Evil

What’s worse, having your whole neighborhood be haunted, or discovering your basement is full of a Nazi doctor’s victims, and they’re not happy? It’s a classic March Madmen conundrum! Tune in to see who wins this supernatural smackdown between two terrifying films: Terrified and Ouija: Origin of Evil.

March Madmen: The Devil’s Backbone vs. Paranormal Activity 3

As the Sinister Sixteen rolls on, Guillermo del Toro goes toe to toe with an oscillating fan cam and the Spanish Civil War squares off against a 1980s suburb! Also: John is humbled, anal sex jokes, and undetonated ordinance. It’s The Devil’s Backbone vs. Paranormal Activity 3, March Madmen style! Don’t forget to watch ‘em with your mother-in-law.

March Madmen: Session 9 vs. The Pact

Hello, Gordon... This episode pits Simon and the orbitoclast against hiders in the house and Google Maps gone ghosty. Two kickass films, but only one can move on in our little competition. Listen and decide for yourself!

March Madmen: Poltergeist vs. The Orphanage

An upset is brewing as evil steak and a killer clown toy duke it out with baby baghead and a gnarly auto vs. pedestrian tango! Find out why John hates the ending of El Orfanato and Poltergeist’s roller-coaster ride isn’t as rich a broth for Vik. Rich’s vote decides which flick forges ahead and which is put to rest...

March Madmen: Lake Mungo vs. The Amityville Horror

Two very different takes on the haunted house movie go toe to toe in this one! It’s subtle found-footage spookiness vs. two scoops of '70s cheese! Don’t stiff the caterer, folks.

March Madmen: The Shining vs. What Lies Beneath

Recorded in June 2020, this episode sets the table for the next several matchups. First up: The Shining and What Lies Beneath. Prepare yourself for hotel-prowling big wheels and bathtub surprises squaring off against memory-challenged housewives and bathtub suspense. Whichever film wins, you’re gonna drown in horror!

March Madmen: Demolition of Apparitions (Part 3)

In the final matchup of the first round, The Woman in Black duels What Lies Beneath. Can Harry Potter topple Han Solo? We've got suicidal kids, dead co-eds and a bath you won't find relaxing! One of these vengeful lady ghosts is goin’ home…

March Madmen: Demolition of Apparitions (Part 2)

What happens when an insanely successful film shot on a shoestring budget (Paranormal Activity) takes on an old-school Hollywood star vehicle (The Amityville Horror)? Can Katie Featherstone oust Margot Kidder? Which invisible demon will out-arm-wrestle the other? Click play, kids.

March Madmen: Demolition of Apparitions (Part 1)

We’ve got gritty SoCal spirits going up against casualties of the Vietnam War as ghosts in different decades and hemispheres collide on March Madmen. The Pact! R-Point! Which haunted-house flick will be exorcised? Find out now...

March Madmen: Spectral Slaughter (Part 3)

The Madmen are back, this time debating the merits of J.A. Bayona's The Orphanage (El Orfanato) and Steve Miner’s House. It’s bag-headed moppets versus disgusting muppets! Geraldine Chaplin! Richard Moll! Tough call...

March Madmen: Spectral Slaughter (Part 2)

It’s the scariest Parker Bros. game ever made going up against a trio of supernatural tales from across the pond! Tonight Ouija: Origin of Evil tangles with Ghost Stories. Don’t forget to say “goodbye”… 

March Madmen: Spectral Slaughter (Part 1)

The Middle East battles the Eastern Seaboard as Under the Shadow and The Haunting vie for supremacy tonight. Will the Robert Wise classic hold up against its youthful Iranian challenger? It’s (more) undetonated ordinance against a flimsy spiral staircase and a whiny singleton! Something’s gonna go boom…

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